Through the mastery of fundamental technologies and its interaction, iN-Cube provides customized assembly and test solutions to complex processes used in high technology enabled by our rich library of patents and talented engineers.

With over 200 talented engineers, iN-Cube is an engineering power house.

We never stop looking for best solutions to meet requirement or solve problems.

  • Innovation
  • Integration
  • Intelligence

    With over 200 talented engineers, iN-Cube is an engineering power house.

    We use state of the art components to produce consistent results.

    Mechanical Design

    With a very seasoned and specialized team of mechanical engineers and an in-house world class CNC machine shop, iN-Cube is able to offer very precise and complex fixtures/Jigs used independently or in conjunction with these automated systems.

    Motion Control

    iN-Cube developed unique capability for motion control using multiple platforms and controllers to provide precision and repeatability.

    Machine Vision

    With over 20 patents and an outstanding team of software/electrical/electronics engineers, iN-Cube developed complex algorithms for machine vision application and software for processing and analyzing captured images. For example: defect detection, dimensional measurement and precise alignment.

    Precise Machining

    iN-Cube has sufficient? equipment resources and skilled operators to machining precise parts and components, precise jigs and fixtures. We will fulfill inspection from IQC,IPQC to OQC. Under the quality management control system of the whole process, we are proven to be capable for providing high quality products to our customers on time.

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